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5 straightforward steps that will give you the confidence and skills to deal successfully with the Media

This easy-to-follow course is designed to give you concrete points, proposals and strategies for how to deal effectively with the Media, all backed up with real video footage, showing you how others have worked well with the Media, or come unstuck.


In the course, you’ll take a look at various kinds of Media contact, including not just them seeking you out, but also you making a point of engaging with the Media on your own terms. This could help your profile, and even your profit margins.


We’ll look at what the Media want and how they want it. We’ll also give you some idea of how can you tell whether your dealings with the Media have been a success.


Each step has a review section with quiz questions so that you see how well you have taken in the information.


You will find out whether being in front of the cameras and microphone is right for you.


You can also find out which of your colleagues would be best suited to dealing with the Media.


And all this in 5 straightforward steps!


You’ll learn:


  • How Press, TV, Radio and Social Media interviews work

  • How you can prepare for an interview with any of the Media

  • How you can make the most of the interview for you, your organisation, your products

  • How you can become a sought after spokesperson for the Media

  • How to deal with the Media during a Crisis!



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Our course is devised and presented by Roger Crisp, formerly of the BBC World Service, with international Media and training experience across many industry sectors, with companies such as Nord Stream Energy, KIA Motors, DHL Logistics, UK Transport Research Laboratory and the Finnish Tourist Board.

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Media Training isn’t just about “being on TV”.  You’ll learn and develop skills you can use in Business Meetings, Conferences and Presentations too.


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