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Customised online training and Corporate Communications Development

Associates & Partners

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Help and training for anyone facing an interview, and related online resources

Independent book publisher. Wessex specialist and bespoke titles

Multi-facetted global corporate expertise

Virtually Yours - web design, marketing tools, Virtual PA


Corporate Strategic Communications

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Brand Reputation Management Consultancy

Specialist McTimony Chiropractic Treatment

Individuals & Co-Professionals - a selection from my Linked-in contacts

Andrew Traill                                   Logistics Advisor to


Irina Vasilyeva                                Communication & PR for


John Eccles                                       Photography and Photographic Expert


Roger Uttley                                    Rugby Union Lions - Rugby Consultant & Writer


Sebastian Sass                                Strategic Relations Advisor - Zurich based


Susan Morris                                   Bid Manager at


Virginia Hopes                                Marketing & Change Management Consultant -


Yvonne Mulder                               Independent Logistics PR Consultant & Advisor  




London-based, internationally exhibited and collected, fine-art collage artist


At times a team is necessary.

Below you will find like-minded people I am pleased to have as Associates........

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John Eccles ARPS is a Wiltshire photographer serving central southern England including Salisbury, Andover, Basingstoke, Southampton and Swindon.

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