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Just-in-Time Media Interview Help



TV - Radio - Press - Blogs - Vlogs - Conferences




Skype, phone, mobile, in person....

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For all your Media Interview Personnel



dealing with, anticipating, specific interview questions


answer strategies

help your organisation gain positive coverage


essential techniques

when being the "expert" in the interview



your essential  answers

Requests for last-minute help via Skype or phone are usually in 2 situations



1. TV, Radio, Phone, Press Conferences, Q&A Sessions

Your speaker is there to comment on a situation, perhaps as an expert


2. Crisis Management

Your personnel are unexpectedly under pressure.

Your organisation's reputation, brand share price is at risk



I offer this Just-in-Time Help because

a hands-on, live-camera training day is not always feasible for busy executives


All industry sectors: e.g. Nord Stream International Gas Pipelines 1 & 2 (€8-10bn projects); KIA Motors Europe; DHL Middle East & Europe; the UK Transport Research Laboratory, UK Care Homes Industry, and the UK Independent Schools' Council. In Europe I have often worked with Hill+Knowlton Strategies.


Facing the Media can be planned or unexpected

I am available on request, or a retainer basis so that we can act quickly at short notice.



The Media are ready for You.........but are YOU ready for the Media?

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