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'Live' Media Interview Training


If you've sorted out and kept your Q&A Document up to date that's great.

But, you mustn't simply leave it at that and file it away.  


You need to try it out


Those people in your organisation who are most likely to use the Q&A Document through meeting the Media, must try it out in front of cameras and microphones beforehand.


This is the real test of both the document and the CEO, the Board, the MD, the Head of Communications, the Governors.


It can be surprising, and very important, to find out that the "good public speakers" aren't necessarily the best in front of the pressure and short, sharp shock of the cameras.


This can work at various levels and with me as the interviewer:


- bringing camera, mic, lights to your offices for interviews

- doing the interviews "On Location" somewhere relevant

- using real TV studios for the ultimate experience


Then, the next big step is to try out a Simulated Crisis Event!  


Individually and as part of an experienced team, I have worked with clients from a wide range of industry sectors and in different cultures. For more see About Me

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