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Non-Executive Director - Communications

My international broadcasting experience, particularly with the BBC World Service, has led me to specialise in working on intensive, often high outcome, high brand reputation, Communications & Media Relations Projects. Some of these have needed only a few days or weeks, others continued for several months or more.

This can be a written campaign, or a Media Relations / Crisis Management Campaign, including

Media Interview Training.


Such work has required an awareness and understanding of both "big picture" and "finer point" details,

necessitating a strategic understanding vis-a-vis all levels of communication, externally in particular.


I am used to dealing at all organisational levels, including Board Members.  High-level discussion is

usually necessary with critical External Communications & Media Relations projects.


Example 1


I re-designed and re-wrote complex technical and scientific information for use by non-technical decision makers

such as NGOs, the general public, national & EU Ministers for the £7bn Nord Stream gas pipeline project.


This latter example required being asked at very short notice to take responsibility for a comprehensive project document which, after many years of the £7bn project's planning, international negotiation and environmental EIA clearances was not being accepted at the highest ministerial and EU levels. The project was, therefore, stalled. I was asked to re-design and re-write it to be viable, persuasive and understandable for the non-technical ministerial and international decision makers mentioned.


Example 2


With Melton Associates, I am the author of the accessible online training course "5 Steps to dealing effectively with the Media". Click the links for more information.


A crucial aspect of the philosophy behind this course is that understanding how the Media work allows the possibility of taking the initiative with the Media, including the Social Media. This means that dealing with the Media isn't always a "defensive" operation, which can be crucial should Crisis Management ever be necessary.



2. Clients & Employers 


From international industry sectors including Oil & Gas, Engineering, Automotive Manufacture, Global Couriers, Travel & Tourism, Shipping & Logistics, Residential & Care Homes, International Broadcasting, Radioactive & Sensitive Materials and Education:


Nord Stream 1 International Gas Pipeline, Hill & Knowlton Strategies, Metso Minerals, KIA Europe, DHL Europe & Middle East, Finnish Tourist Board, UK Transport Research Laboratory, Odfjell Drilling, Norway; Saudi Aramco Oil, Saudi Telecoms, Reviss-Puridec Irradiation Services, Kuoni International Travel, BBC World Service, Blue Ice International Property PR, Harrow School.



3. Further Skills and Responsibilities


I am able to ...


Manage relationships and keep a high profile with relevant Decision Makers - e.g. Govt. Ministers; EU Ministers,

MP's, MEP's, NGO's, Public Bodies, Shareholders


Develop and oversee the crucial Q&A document.


Chair Meetings.


Act as Spokesperson to the Media or prepare others to do so.


Ensure that anyone facing TV cameras, microphones, Public and Press conferences, is trained and capable of fulfilling these roles, including Speech Writing, as necessary.


Identify suitable speaking opportunities at various levels to position the Company / Project. Present the Project in conferences and seminars. Or train and mentor those who will be carrying out these functions.


Co-ordinate and work closely with Shareholders, Stakeholders, External Suppliers, Agencies, Freelancers and handle corresponding budgets.


Ensure that Crisis Management Training and dealing with the Media is carried out.


Assess the Communications Department with Crisis Management Training. Train and develop the CEO, Senior Executives and anyone else who may have to face cameras and microphones.


Train the Company's own Interviewers at all levels to understand what's going on at an interview and how they can find out what they really need to know about a candidate.


Assess, produce, organise and critique speeches, presentations, videos, written publications from an independent perspective.



4. Countries and Cultures Lived / Worked / Travelled in


Europe: UK, Ireland, France, Netherlands, Belgium, Germany, Denmark, Poland, Norway, Sweden, Finland, Czech Republic, Austria, Luxembourg, Switzerland, Italy, Greece, Spain, Portugal.


World: USA, Canada, USSR, Mongolia, China, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Mexico, Egypt, Bahrain, Jamaica, Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, Djibouti, Turkey, India, New Zealand.




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1. Working Methods & Experience

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Full details of how I work

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