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Online Media Interview Training...... and more


Online Training doesn't have to be dull and boring!


Working with Terry Melton, as Melton Associates, we develop and produce comprehensive Online Training Courses in two ways. Take a look at what we do......

View Live Videos from Media Interview Training Course FREE - more course info and Media Tips Melton Associates YouTube Channel Mail white large Sample Course on Media Interview Training FREE - download our white paper on Training

Why not take a look at two of our major online courses?

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Find out how to deal with interviews from TV, Radio, the Press, Bloggers, your professional Conference & Presentation Audiences.


Make your answers count; make them memorable.

Essential business skills for every industry sector.

Verified by the Energy Saving Trust, this course is for both operators and customers of road freight transport services.


With the correct tools and the right calculations we’ll show you how to lower costs, achieve greater efficiency, get higher productivity AND beat the competition.

Are you an expert wanting to develop an online course?

We will work with you, the Expert in a particular field, to turn your expertise into an engaging, professional Online Training Course.

Do you or your organisation need a customised online course?

As a large corporation or international organisation you might need a long-term project, comprising a growing number of modules.


As a small business or organisation perhaps a unique, one-off course is what you need.


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brings expertise from international broadcasting (BBC World Service) and presentation, combined with wide training experience up to CEO level for various companies such as Nord Stream Gas Pipelines 1 & 2, Hill & Knowlton Strategies, KIA Europe, DHL Europe & Middle East, UK Independent Schools Council.


brings marketing and internet expertise from having run his own company (annual turnover £2.5m) working with clients such as Alstom and CP Ships.  Before, he worked on international, blue-chip names for several top London agencies.

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