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Your Crisis Q & A Document

This is more than an "Incident response" document, because it grows organically as your organisation, specific project, industry sector, current affairs influences, also grow, change and develop.


Here's the key question:  " Does your organisation have a Q&A document?"


If so, when did you last update it and put it the test along with those people in your organisation who are supposed to know it and benefit from it?


If not, you are probably not prepared to deal generally with the Media (TV, Radio, Press, Bloggers, Social Media), and you're certainly not ready for a Crisis.


If you aren't sure what a Q&A document is ...


It's a vital reference source of Questions and Answers that you as a Board, Communications Dept, or Organisation have worked out as relevant, awkward, positive and negative topics that you might need to face when dealing with the Media. Having worked these  ideas out in advance is so much easier than on the spur of the moment and under pressure.


Either way, you should do something about it and I can help you as your

Non-Executive Director - Communications: Media Relations & Crisis Management

working alongside your existing Communications Department, or to act for you if you don't have this specific department.


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